Andrew Welch

Intensely curious about many things ranging diversely across cloud technology, literature, and wine. I’m a technology leader, speaker, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Business Applications, and published author of the novel Field Blends (Köehler Books, 2020), the forthcoming novel Flickan, the Power Platform Adoption Framework, and numerous essays and blog posts on related topics. I focus technically on cloud technology in large global organizations and on adoption, management, governance, and scaled application development of Microsoft Power Platform through my work as Vice President and Director of the Cloud Application Platform practice at HSO. As a writer my thoughts are occupied with literary fiction, cultural identity, Europe and America, technology in society, and—of course—wine. I grew up on the sea, drove boats for America’s Coast Guard, and have since worked on some of the world’s largest Microsoft Business Applications implementations on all seven continents (including Antarctica), served startup to Fortune 100 organizations, public sector agencies, global NGOs, and taught in higher education. I live in the United Kingdom, return often to the United States, and stop frequently in Sweden and Spain.